Pray For Trump


Last fall, the Greenville Tea Party Steering Committee called upon you to help drive a “Turnout for Trump”.  In our opinion, regardless of whether you liked or disliked the man, and whether you agreed or disagreed with each of his statements, the success of his campaign was the singular most important thing that could occur to advance the cause of liberty in our country, and our specific Tea Party goals of promoting:

  • fiscally responsible, constitutionally limited government,
  • decentralization of political and economic power,
  • the protection of individual freedoms,
  • free market economics, and
  • a culture of independence and personal responsibility.

Based on the gratifying results of the election, it appears we were not alone in that conviction, and the agenda President Trump is pursuing is closer to our vision than we could have ever dreamed. But we are sure you share our frustration at the resistance to that agenda coming from all sides of the political spectrum.

We encourage everyone to continue their political engagement to advance our goals at every level.  But we are also sensitive to the overwhelming pressure of organized resistance from those in “The Swamp” who seem to place thwarting Trump’s success above all else.  We believe overcoming that resistance will require more than political advocacy.

Being mindful that people who identify as Tea Party patriots tend to be particularly prayerful people, and being mindful of the transformative power of prayer at every level, we now ask you to embark on a project to “Pray for President Trump.”

It doesn’t matter how you pray, or why you pray, or what you pray, as long as you join us in praying for him to achieve the agenda we all embrace. Pray in public, pray in private, pray in groups, or pray alone. Pray for success, pray for wisdom, pray for patience, or pray for fortitude.  Pray in whatever way your heart and faith compels. But please take on this project to:


As a small contribution to this project we will include a Prayer for Trump in the agenda of every Tea Party meeting effective immediately. We know you will find ways to embrace this project, and expand it far beyond this modest effort. Thank you for your support.