GHS Expose

Greenville Health System Controversy: The Full Story

Illegal Takeover, Dangerous Healthcare Consolidation, Brave Lawmakers,
a Lawsuit, Greenville’s own Benedict Arnold, and a Better Future

Author: Tom Barilovits

This article (with links to research/articles/documents) can be found online at the URL below , the shortened address or by scanning the QR Code image shown below.

Tom-Barilovits.jpgTom Barilovits is an Upstate small business owner with an engineering degree from
Clemson University and an MBA from the University of Chicago (home of free-market
economics). In the past, Tom worked for large international corporations where he was
involved with multi-million-dollar engineering projects and large organizational restructurings including the 2000 IRS reorganization. Tom has been closely following the GHS takeover issue for last 2.5 years as a taxpayer-citizen.